Here’s Why Dee Why Is a UFO Sightings Hotspot

Did you know that Dee Why is one of Australia’s UFO hotspots? Alleged UFO sightings in Dee Why have consistently been reported since 2001, with the latest sightings reported in 2017.

UFO sightings report on 1800 Free Call Hotline

On 17 June 2001, a multiple UFO sighting was reported according to Google Maps Australiasian UFO Locations. The caller stated that he has been seeing multiple flying saucers over some shopping centres including Artarmon, Dee Why, Forestville, Chatswood and North Willoughby. The man was sure that they were definitely saucer-shaped with the larger UFOs illuminating a yellow light whilst the smaller ones have a blue light.

The Australian UFO Research Network also documented the said sighting along with two other UFO sightings reported that year. 

  • On 6 June, a reportee said that she and her son were on their way home, driving down Victor Road and onto Oceana that Monday when she noticed two bright lights that were tailgating each other. When they arrived home, she also got her spouse to look at the bright lights. She said that the event lasted for about ten minutes. 
  • On 18 June, the reportee claimed she was travelling on a bus to Dee Why when she noticed an object illuminating a bright orange light behind the trees at the Balgowlah Golf Course. She said that at first, she thought it was just the moon but she realised that it was too big and was hovering too low. It disappeared when she looked back. 
UFO sightings
Photo Credit:  Albert Antony / Unsplash

UFO sightings over Dee Why Beach

Several UFO sightings over Dee Why Beach were also reported with some even catching media attention.

  • On 5 June 2014, a local reported an unusual light that hovered in the Dee Why Beach sky and he was sure that it was not a plane that he saw. The UFO also caught the attention of other beachgoers. The man took photos of the object and said that its glow was brighter than the sun.
  • A UFO sighting was reported to the UFO Research (NSW) with the man stating that he saw a disc-shaped flying object at Dee Why Beach in the late afternoon on 16 February 2017. The object, he said, appeared blurred and was glowing in orange colour like a hologram as it moved through the clouds. It lasted for a few seconds before it disappeared.
  • A photographed object is seen from Dee Why Beach that baffled even the Aviation Authority and also made headlines on 21 July 2017. The mysterious flying object appeared to have had four jet streams flowing out of it and were flashing on and off. Some thought it could be a drone or an aeroplane, but others said it seemed to be going too fast to be either of the two. The object was reported to have hovered in the same spot for roughly ten minutes before it zipped across the sunrise and then disappeared.

Whether these claims are true or not, no one could say for certain but they are definitely some of the fun facts that make Dee Why a UFO hotspot.