Historic Salvation Army Home in Dee Why Transforms into Luxury Wellness Spa

Dee Why is witnessing a transformation as the historic 130-year-old Pacific Lodge, a former Salvation Army hostel, is set to become the centrepiece of the new Hamptons development. 

The heritage-listed Pacific Lodge building on Fisher Rd, which dates back to 1892, will be integrated into the modern apartment complex, retaining its timeless elegance whilst catering to the changing needs of the community.

Hamptons, developed by the renowned Rose Group, promises an exquisite collection of one and two-bedroom apartments, with a limited release of rare three-bedroom apartments and finely-crafted penthouses. The development – CC2023/0372 will be situated on the scenic Fisher Road, offering captivating views of Dee Why Library, Council Chambers, the town centre, and the vast Pacific Ocean. 

According to Paul Ferrari, Head of Projects for Upstate Realty, the Pacific Lodge will play a pivotal role in the development’s design and landscaping. Working with heritage consultants, they aim to bring back the building to its former grandeur, preserving its rendered masonry, corrugated iron-hipped roof, tall chimneys, and veranda adorned with cast iron balustrades and columns.

Ferrari revealed that Rose Group had sought a particular tenant to complement the development and provide minimal disruption to the residents. As a result, the Pacific Lodge will be converted into a high-class wellness facility, featuring spa and beauty services. The building, being part of the strata, will have a single tenant, ensuring the preservation of its historic charm.

Dee Why Hamptons

The Pacific Lodge holds immense historical significance, originally built as a Salvation Army Home of Rest for officers in need of recuperation. Over the years, it transformed into a centre for the treatment of ‘inebriates’ and later served as the Pacific Lodge Aged Men’s Home. The Salvation Army eventually sold the property in 2016 for $25 million and moved its residents to new facilities in Collaroy. 

Recognising the importance of this heritage-listed building, public access to the Pacific Lodge will be maintained, allowing visitors to experience the wellness spa services. The site’s public footpath, the Dee Why Heritage Walk which is a part of the heritage listing, will also remain accessible from Fisher Road. 

Hamptons and the refurbished Pacific Lodge are scheduled for completion in early 2025, offering a seamless blend of contemporary living and historical elegance.

Published 21-July-2023