Delight Your Taste Buds with Nepalese Dumplings & Hawaiian Poké Bowls at Dee Why

Momo Bar
Photo credit: Momo Bar/ Facebook

Get your taste buds ready for a unique fusion of Nepalese dumplings and Hawaiian poke bowls at Momo Bar in Dee Why.

Who would have thought that combining dumplings and poke bowls would be such a big hit? The co-owners of Momo Bar, Damien Dellala and Archana Dellala, were surprised that their experiment of combining two diverse cuisines captured the market so well in Manly that they are now having their second venue at Dee Why Grand.

The newly opened Momo Bar at Dee Why is four times bigger than the Manly shop. It was beautifully made by an architect who is also their current third business partner for this casual restaurant.

But aside from its size and interiors, Momo Bar at Dee Why now has an onsite kitchen, unlike the shop at Manly which operates on a rented kitchen above their actual shop. By having an onsite kitchen at Momo Bar Dee Why, production of dumplings is now made easier and more efficient.

Photo credit: Momo Bar/ Facebook

Momos and Poke

Momo Bar is known for their mouthwatering steamed Momos (Nepalese dumplings) filled with herbs and spices, a traditional Himalayan delicacy in Nepal. The dumplings they serve vary from chicken, lamb, and pork. Gluten free and vegan options for dumplings such as organic lentil and mixed vegetables are also available.

Vegan dumpling
Photo credit: Momo Bar/ Facebook

Hawaiian poke options include Volcano, Tiki, and Aloha. Vegan bowls and build your own poke bowls from a selection of Japanese inspired base are also available.

Aside from Momo Bar’s dumplings and healthy poke bowls, they also serve delicious veggie juices, with a range of ingredients to choose from. Organic coffee and tea are also listed on their menu.

Poke Bowl
Poke Bowl at Momo Bar
Photo credit: Momo Bar/ Facebook

Extended Menu

Momo Bar at Dee Why offers hearty meals that are not only available during lunch or dinner, but also for breakfast. Just imagine, dumplings for breakfast? Yes, you imagined it right! Momo Bar is bringing Sydney locals closer to the culture of Nepal in terms of eating momos all day and not just for snacks, lunch or dinner.

Breakfast momos’ fillings include salmon, mixed berries, potato and egg, and mushroom. These dumplings are served with a dollop of natural yogurt to enhance more the flavours of the dumplings.

Nepalese Omelette at Momo Bar
Photo credit: Hungry Mate/ Facebook

Other must try breakfast options at Momo Bar are bacon and egg rolls on roti,  Nepalese Omelette, and Pokado— smashed avo on soy-and-linseed toast with poached eggs and a BYO poke ingredients on top.

Momo Bar’s Pokado
Photo credit: Hungry Mate/ Facebook

You may visit Momo Bar’s official Facebook page to know more about their latest offerings.