Dee Why Tent City Feared Back Again Shortly After Teardown

Dee Why Tent City Homeless
Photo Credit: Rawpixel/Public Domain

Dee Why’s tent city, the controversial homeless hub near the Dee Why Lagoon, is feared to be re-emerging only a few weeks after teardown.

Reports cite that paramedics were by the lagoon at 6:40 a.m. on Thursday, the 27th of October, to attend to a woman who had to be rushed to the Northern Beaches Hospital for a suspected drug overdose. 

The emergency situation came a few weeks after Northern Beaches Council cleared the infamous tent city following a violent incident that led to a fire at the makeshift campsite. 

A spokesperson for the NSW police said that a fight also recently took place among the homeless camped there. One man carrying a machete and gas lighter was chasing after another person. 

The police arrested a 35-year-old man because of this incident. The authorities were forced to pepper spray him because he allegedly hit a police officer in the head. He was booked at the Manly Police Station whilst another man was also charged with assault and police intimidation. 

According to locals, Dee Why’s tent city has been around for roughly two years or shortly after the lockdowns due to the pandemic. Not too many people are aware of the homeless campsite since its dwellers are “mostly unseen” and do not usually bother the residents. 

However, there have been some reported incidents of robberies and threats involving rough sleepers and beachgoers. Other locals are also concerned about the damage these campsites may cause around the lagoon’s ecosystem.  

Council officers and the police frequently check the site but many of the homeless have refused help to relocate as well.

Northern Beaches Council CEO Ray Brownlee said that “relevant homeless support agencies” are helping the people of the tent city. He also acknowledged that this is a complex issue, requiring a careful and compassionate approach.