Dee Why Property Market Shows Rapid Turnover, Remarkable 35% Growth

Dee Why Property Market
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Dee Why, deemed ‘not so desirable’ less than ten years ago, is now in high demand, with the median house price growing more than 35 per cent and properties spending less than a month on market.

Dee Why Highlights

  • Dee Why’s median house price is now at $2,508,000 for the period October 2020 to September 2021, up 35.75 per cent from the previous period.
  • The unit market, which comprises more than half of the property stocks, also grew by 9.08 percent with the median price settling at $895,000.
  • Dee Why has the conveniences of cosmopolitan living and the beachside lifestyle, making it very attractive to numerous investors. 

House Price Growth

From October 2020 to September 2021, Dee Why has enjoyed a reputation as one of the best performing housing markets in the Northern Beaches with an outstanding 35.75 per cent median house price growth. 

The uptick has placed the median house price at $2,508,000, up from $1,847,000 in the previous year, per figures from Property Market Updates. 

There were 69 houses sold for this period with an average of 29 days on market. Three-bedroom houses were most coveted but four and five-bedroom homes were also in high demand. 

Dee Why median house price
Photo Credit: Property Market Updates

Dee Why is riding on the wave of increasing demand for houses in the Northern Beaches, which saw no house price falls during the pandemic. Investors have been flocking to the beachside due to its high liveability factor. 

Whilst Dee Why might not be the most glamorous coastal location in Sydney, it remains very affordable for many buyers who opt to settle longer, some permanently, in the comforts of its enviable lifestyle. 

Unit Price Growth

The unit market in Dee Why delivered a decent capital growth for buyers who were priced out of the top markets for this same period. 

With Dee Why’s median house price jumping by nearly 40 per cent, unit buyers are also enthusiastically joining the market. The current median unit price is at $895,000.

Dee Why median unit price
Photo Credit: Property Market Updates

This trend triggered a jump of 9.08 per cent with a whopping 640 units sold within an average of just 23 days on  market, per figures from Property Market Updates. Coveted apartments are also selling faster than houses within this 12-month period as the market turns a corner post-pandemic.  

Industry insiders said that units transactions are quicker as Sydney’s rental market improves. Despite the disruption during the pandemic, investors are slowly coming back, finding the right tenants (e.g. professionals), and cashing in on their investments. 

In fact, more than half of the unit transactions closed in Dee Why from October 2020 to September 2021 were for two-bedroom units from single or working couples with a small family. 

About Dee Why

Dee Why offers coastal living at its best with the village on one side and the lovely beach on the other side. This suburb offers all the conveniences with a high walkability factor. It has major supermarkets, commercial and retail spaces, schools, childcare and medical centres, transport connections, cafes and restaurants, a serene native bush and rain forest environment, and the beach and ocean pool all within walking distance. 

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Once dubbed as a ‘dodgy’ location, Dee Why has developed as cosmopolitan locale next to the beach, thanks to an award-winning Dee Why Town Centre Master Plan. People from all walks of life are attracted to Dee Why’s surfside vibe, with large, contemporary houses nestled alongside low-cost apartment units.    

More than a third of dwellings in this suburb are apartments from low-level to high-level boutique developments. Here, there are no shortage of apartments and less than 50 per cent of Dee Why’s dwellings are rented units. Closer to the water, however, are the older-style homes with some contemporary rebuilds.

“Dee why is beautiful, you will fall in love with the beach at first sight. It is an affordable gem of Northern Beaches while still having high property values and being in constant demand due to the beach lifestyle it offers. It is also only 30-50 mins from the heart of the CBD, yet it feels like a holiday getaway. Highly recommend to all that want affordable, close to city, safe, family-friendly areas with a beach slice of paradise right at their doorstep!”


“I lived here in previous years and moved back a year & a half ago. It has affordable beach location apartments which are predominantly popular with young families & professionals & everyone in between. It’s a beautiful area on the beachside when you get to the front there are restaurants & bars, now the area has been redeveloped towards Pittwater roadside I can see that the area will continue to improve. It’s only half an hour on the express bus to the city before 7 am and circa 45-50 min after this time.”


“Very happy with my business being on location in the area. I find that it’s rather quiet, and it’s nice to be near the sea. There are just the right amount of shops nearby and I reckon that the residential options here are sufficient if you’re single or if you’re a family or if you’re a pensioner. You should be able to find something that suits your taste here and in your budget too.”